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Process introduction
The G-port Fracturing Sliding Sleeve is a sliding sleeve tool that is run with casing into the well.

It can cement wells and complete wells, or cooperate with open-hole packers to complete open-hole wells, use coiled tubing to cooperate with bottom fracturing packers, press from the tubing, open the sliding sleeve to connect the oil and gas layers, and add sand fracturing from the annulus technology.

Technical Advantages
Unlimited fracturing.
Provides pressure and suspension signal display when coiled tubing is used to open the sliding sleeve, which is convenient and reliable.
Large enough fracturing channel to reduce fracturing throttling pressure difference and increase oil drainage area.
No need for sandblasting, perforating, drilling and grinding, saving time, fluid and cost.
After fracturing, the casing has a full diameter, which is convenient for later operations.
The sliding sleeve can be switched on and off after fracturing to achieve selective production and effectively solve the problem of water production in the later stage of production.
Key Performance In Recent Years

Jereh 's G-port full-bore fracturing sliding sleeve technology has built a total of 20 wells in Russia.