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Process introduction
Coiled tubing cutting technology can realize the cutting of through tubing and casing.

During the cutting operation, the hydraulic anchor can be opened under the action of the pressure difference to anchor the tool string, preventing the tool string from moving up and down during the cutting operation, and improving the cutting success rate. High-performance motor provides constant power output for improved cutting smoothness. The three-blade cutting tool can realize self-centering operation and high cutting efficiency.

Technical Advantages
Hydraulic jet overcomes the compaction effect of perforating bullets, can relieve the plugging effect near the wellbore, and reduce pollution and damage to oil and gas reservoirs.
It can realize fine stratification and fine fracturing, and there is no limit to the number of stratified sections.
High construction efficiency, multi-layer staged fracturing construction can be completed with one tool string.
Key Performance In Recent Years

Ground test to complete cutting in as little as 4 minutes.

Cumulatively cut 50+ wells.

The maximum depth is 5187 meters.