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Process introduction
Coiled tubing fishing technology uses releasing fishing tools to catch fish that lost in hole.

The hydraulic two-way jar can achieve two-way high-efficiency jarring, and the effect is more obvious when used with the accelerator. The hydraulic releasable overshot can realize the pulling of different fish by changing the slips, and can realize the operation of multiple releases in one trip according to the needs of the operation. Coiled tubing cutting overshot can realize multiple external cutting and fishing of dropped coiled tubing. Hydraulic releasable spears, JDC releasable overshots, and GS releasable tools can achieve standard fish retrieved operations.

Technical Advantages
Hydraulic and releasable, can be released multiple times according to operations.
Multiple cutting and fishing of coiled tubing.
Hydraulic two-way jar delay jar.
Key Performance In Recent Years


Screw rotor was successfully fished in domestic.

Cut and fish 4000+ meters coiled tubing at downhole.

The accumulative operation of the bi-direction hydraulic jar is 500+ times.