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Process introduction
Coiled Tubing Multistage Fracture System is usually used in the horizontal wells, fateral wells, sidetracking and vertical wells, etc.

It uses Mechanical Casing Collar Locator to position the tool string at the planned stage, run in the work string to set the packer and isolate the frac zones. 

The flow fluid through carbide nozzles is greatly restricted, and as per Bernoulli's theorem, the high-pressure sand-laden fluid is converted into high-velocity fluid to cut through the casing and cement. When the perforations are complete, pressure is applied down the annulus to perform the fracture. After executing the fracture treatment, pull up the coiled tubing, unset the packer and position the string at the next stage, run in the coiled tubing string and set the packer, repeat the steps to perform the fracture on all the stages.

HornetTM Frac System can execute fracture treatment very well on the horizontal thin reservoir, and it is a practical option for re-fracture in unconventional oil and gas reservoir, such as tight gas reservoir, coalbed methane, and shale gas.

Technical Advantages
Hydraulic jet overcomes the compaction effect of perforating bullets, can relieve the plugging effect near the wellbore, and reduce pollution and damage to oil and gas reservoirs.
It can realize fine stratification and fine fracturing, and there is no limit to the number of stratified sections.
High construction efficiency, multi-layer staged fracturing construction can be completed with one tool string.
Key Performance In Recent Years

CNPC XIBU Drilling Engineering Company LTD - Coiled Tubing Multi-stage Fracture Technology

From April 20th to 21st, 2019, 11 layers of fracturing were continuously operated within 24 hours, a total of 4280.3 cubic meters of fracturing fluid and 262.7 cubic meters of proppant were pumped, setting a single-day record for such operations in the country.

On April 28, the Multi-stage Fracture operation of a well (55 section) at XiBu Drilling was completed. The depth of the well was 2,546 meters. The tool was inserted into the well to complete the construction of 55 sections and 57 times of sandblasting and perforating.

The maximum construction pressure during perforation is 67 MPa, the amount of sand passing through the gun perforation is more than 45m³, the amount of sand added for fracturing is 1275m³, and the total liquid volume pumped is 22039.4m³. All technical parameters meet the construction design requirements.

A well in Muping, Changqing Oilfield

In May 2021, a single well in Muping of Changqing Oilfield created a record of 20 fracturing constructions completed by one trip tool in a single well, which was highly praised by Party A (the highest construction record in Changqing Oilfield).