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Process introduction
The open-hole ball-and-slip-sleeve staged fracturing technology is used in the staged fracturing of tight oil and gas reservoirs in horizontal wells.

The tool string is run into the well through the drill pipe, the starter sub is closed by throwing the ball, and the open-hole packer and the hanging packer are sealed by pressure setting. The liner feeding tool can be released by annulus compression or forward rotation of the string. Before fracturing, the tubing is connected to the tie-back sealing cylinder and inserted into the suspension packer to realize the connection and sealing between the tubing and the suspension packer. Step-by-step pitching Open the pitching sliding sleeve step by step and fracturing step by step.

Technical Advantages
Hydraulic liner hanger packer + open hole packer + sliding sleeve to achieve selective segmentation and isolation.
Staged fracturing and acidification are completed at one time, without cementing, and with little formation pollution.
Open hole completion, large reservoir drainage area.
The first stage pressure is opened, no perforation.
The construction process is simple, the ball is thrown and the layer is transferred, and the fracturing construction efficiency is high.
Sliding sleeve opening pressure wellhead can be monitored in real time.
The starting short joint can be opened twice to avoid the risk that the differential pressure sliding sleeve cannot be opened.
Matching soluble balls available.
Key Performance In Recent Years

In 2019-2021 period

Jereh 's open-hole pitching and sliding sleeve staged fracturing and completion technology has accumulated more than 114 wells in UNG, Russia. The hydraulic and mechanical feeding tools solve the problem of difficulty in disconnect in the horizontal section, and the success rate of disconnect reaches 100%.