Grifco has launched an advanced cement head
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In 2020, Grifco launched an advanced cement head, which was designed basing on using habit of customers to reduce operating intensity and improve working efficiency. The product is well received by customers of Sultanate of Oman.

At the beginning of 2020, we received a cement head inquiry from Oman customer who bought products from us several times. In order to improve convenience of cement head, we made the following improvements according to the customer feedback in the early period:  

1. Improve the internal rotating parts to make the rotation more consistent with the operation method of customers. The external anti-turn setting is added to effectively prevent accidental opening and increases security.  

2. Change the position of the stop pin and rotate 90° on the basis of the original position for more convenient usage.

3. The optimized design of thread makes the customer connect more quickly on site and improves the efficiency of connection. 

4. The packing method has been upgraded from wooden packing to skid packing.  The upgraded skid is easier to transport in the field.  

Solving customers’ pain points can move customers and get the trust of customers. 

Standing in the customer's point of view can do a good job in every product. In order to meet the needs of customers in different areas about product, we will continue to introduce more humanized products, and we believe that there is nothing best but better!